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  • What limit should I be playing?

    By general speaking, the answer is - depends.

    Everyone has different financial background and skill levels, it's really depends.

    Play at the level that you feel comfortable with.
    That is, at the level that you won't go on tilt even you lost your whole stack.

    Play at the level that you can afford to lose with.
    Never play a game that will put you on financial difficulty if you lost.

    If you are new to poker, try some lower limit tables first, until you get use to the software, get use to the way of betting online, then you may try at other higher levels.

    And if you are always losing, of course I would always advice you to move to a table with lower limit if you want to continue playing the game, because players at lower limit is always less skillful, the game would be easier to play with while you are learning it.

    Think it that way, playing a game will be no fun if always losing.
    So, play at the table limit that you can win with.

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