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  • Hit my 2nd online Royal Flush Today (4th-May-2010).

    How often do yo hit a Royal Flush?
    Very very rare. Right?

    I have been hitting quite a few straight flush thru my online poker play and 1 Royal Flush in the past.
    Today, I just hit my second Royal Flush!!
    What a great feeling!!
    I am too excited to keeping it as an record and putting it on my website.

    Royal Flush

    It wasn't a big pot as you can see from the screenshot.

    Because I was out of position(in small-blind), so I was making small bets on the Flop and Turn to keep it in a small price for me to chase my flush. Or maybe hopefully bet him out without making my hand.

    I didn't put him on a strong hand since he just flat-called my bets on the Flop and Turn.

    I made a half-pot size value bet when I made my Royal Flush. I think that's the price he would call with an second pair or an weak ace.

    If he was somehow also made his Flush or gut-shot straight, he would probably raise behind me on the River and it would be end up with an much bigger pot. Now definitely it wasn't the case.

    Well, that's all I got for my Royal Flush, 10% of a full stack.

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