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  • How much can I make playing poker?

    It's simple, the better you are, the more you can win.

    In a Texas Holdem online cash games,
    good players are winning at a rate of 4-8 big blinds per 100 hands. Say in a no-limit $0.5/$1 Texas Holdem cash game, you could probably expect to win at the rate of $5 per hour on average on a table.

    It's also depends on how good you are at playing poker and your ability of multi-tabling.

    If you are skillful to play 10 tables at the same time, that's $50 per hour.

    20 tables, it would be $100.

    There are many excellent online players who can handle 20+ tables and still keeping a very good winning rate.

    In MTT(Multi Table Tournament)
    usually more players in a tournament game, the bigger the prize pool and the more payout for winning. The first winning prize could be hunndreds, thouands, hundred of thousands or even more, depends on the MTT entry fee and number of players entered the game.

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