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  • How many tables should I be playing?

    If you are new to the poker game and just started learning, I would suggest "1", or at most "2".

    Yes I know, you will be thinking this would be very boring.

    But remember this, if your purpose of playing poker game is about winning,
    then the game will be no fun if you just simply can't win.

    So, you have to watch the game and learn it. Learn the way people playing, learn the way they betting, etc, especially those games that ended up with big pots.

    Think over them yourself about those big pots.
    Would you be able to win that amount of chip if you are holding those winning cards?
    Are those people winning the big pot just with pure luck or because they played them wisely?
    Then you can apply those technics when you have the chances of holding those winning cards.

    Of course you can play more tables when you are getting better and better in the game, which means you are good at making quick decisions and making less mistake, then you can try to handle more tables.

    Many online players play multi-tables, 4 tables, 6 tables.
    or even more, 10 tables, 20 tables.

    Believe me, I've seen many players play over 10 tables, they are making decisions in seconds, you will be amazed by how fast you need to act if you are playing 20 tables at the same time.

    The maximum number of tables I tried is playing 16 tables at the same time, stacking all table at the same position at desktop, a table will pop up on top if it needs me to act. All I do is clicking the mouse and makng decision. After clicked on one table, the next popped up. I won't even be able to see whether I won or lost the hand after made an Allin push, because the next table just popped in front of it and waiting for my clicking.

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