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    The poker game could be quite different when you are playing poker online comparing to playing in a local casino or pub.

    Normally in a live game, you probably are playing about 30 hands per hour for a 10 man full table ring game.

    In a online poker room, you could be dealt up to about 60-80 hands an hour, plus, if you are playing multi-tables, you could see a lot more hands an hour and learn the game more quickly.

    Another up side of playing in a online poker room is that you can easy find a table to sit down with and start the game just in a minute, no more traveling time to a local casino, plus much much less time to be in the waiting list.

    Of course there are some up sides of a live poker game too. You can pickup more tells about the other players, their body language, their speaking tones, their emotion, etc. plus you can have a nice beer and good chat with your fellow players, just like having a party time.

    Basically I enjoy both ways, live game and online games.

    I can have quicker poker games online when I am at home, and I do have good times going to a local casino poker room with my friends at the weekend, having a nice drink and make some money most of the time.

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