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How to Play KQ in Texas Holdem - KQ is one of the hand that misplay more often then others by beginning and intermediate players. The hand looks powerful--one that seemingly ranks right up there with A-K and A-Q, but it isn't in the same league as those premium cards. Novice players commonly overvalue the strength of K-Q when they flop a pair to it. Q-5-2 might look like an excellent flop for KQ, but it can be very dangerous if an opponent has any of the following hands: 2-2, 5-5, Q-Q, A-Q, K-K, A-A.

An expert player is able to fold his K-Q on that flop if he sense that his opponent has a stronge hand. Most amateur players, however, just aren't sophisticated enough to know when to play the hand to the river and when to let it go.

An unimproved KQ rarely holds up in a race to the river. Even a weak holding such as A-3 offsuit will beat it in the long run. If an ace hits, the KQ is all but dead. If no king or queen hits, A-3 wins by virtue of simply being higher.

Playing KQ corrently is especially important in tournament poker when you're deciding whether to go all-in or to wait for a better situation.

If a tournament player goes all-in before you, what hands could he have that would allow your K-Q to be in good shape? The only hands that K-Q dominates are K-J & K-10. It's much more likely that an all-in player has at least an ace, and often times he'll have A-K or A-Q, which are both monster favourites over your cards. You'd have just 3 outs against either Now lethand.

Now let's say your opponent has as 10-10. Your K-Q still lose more than 55 percent of the time. See how dubious KQ is?

Experts strongly advise beginner players to fold KQ in the face of an early position raise. A raise from that spot represents a strong hand, one that usually dominates K-Q. However, KQ is a good hand to attact the blinds with when you are the first player to enter the pot from middle or late position. In that situation, make a standard-size raise. If someone reraises, fold before you get yourself into trouble.

Suited cards usually don't make a world of defference, but with K-Q being suited, it is often enough of an added adge to allow you to call a raise in marginal situation. Here's why: You are hoping to flop a high pair or, better yet, to catch a straight or a high flush.

KQ suited versus KQ offsuit is a significantly better hand in a multiway pot. The more players that enter a pot, the stronger the average winning hand will be. In a heads-up pot the average winning hand may just be a high pair. But in a five-way action pot, you just might need that flush to win.

Now that you know these facts abut KQ, you can play the hand more reasonably. Yes, it'll score you some big pots, but don't get fooled into thinking that KQ is a premium hand.
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